Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

 Nearly every summer some part of The Triad is hit with a hail or windstorm that causes roofing or siding damage necessitating an insurance claim. If you have an insurance claim due to fire or storm, let Cooley Roofing help restore your home.

Not only will we handle the restoration, we’ll provide the necessary paperwork to make the process as simple as possible. If your insurance company isn’t cooperating or doesn’t see the damage as we see it, we’ll meet with the adjustor and you to help facilitate the insurance claim.

You only have a limited time to file your insurance claim, don’t put it off. Call Cooley Roofing & Construction today for total home restoration.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

The majority of storm damage insurance claims we handle are roof repairs and replacements. When a hailstorm hits our area, few homeowners understand the toll those hailstones take on our roof. Although some hail damage can be seen from ground level, you should call Cooley Roofing if you suspect hail damage. When we come to your home for a roof inspection, we will climb on the roof and look for loss of granules, bruises to the shingles, and obvious hail marks. Hail causes damage because hailstones are rarely perfectly round. In addition, strong storms that are associated with hail often have strong winds. We will also inspect for wind damage looking for bent, missing, and misaligned shingles.

Once we determine the extent of the damage and the cost for repairs we will share with you our findings. Often times in the case of a major hail and wind event, the cost of roof repairs exceed the cost of a roof replacement. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the age of the roof. The older a shingle, the less likely it is that we, or any roofing company, will be able to consistently match the repaired area due to fading that happens to shingles from the sun.

Because we offer roofing and siding, we can also inspect your siding for hail damage. Siding damage from hail is much more obvious than roof damage. Cracks and holes in the siding are clear signs of hail damage. Because we work with many different siding manufacturers, we can provide siding repair and replacement. Just ask our inspector to provide you with a quote for both while we are on site. No need to work with multiple contractors, Cooley Roofing and Construction is your one source for all your storm damage repair needs.

“Five stars for this company’s installation of our roof. It looks great…”

J. Nichols – Winston Salem

Easy Insurance Claims with Cooley Roofing

We will help take the stress out of your insurance claim. We work with all agencies and insurance companies and will provide you with all the documentation required to have a smooth claims process. Just remember that you have a limited amount of time to file your insurance claim and every day that your roofing and siding is damaged allows water and pests to get into your home. Don’t delay, call Cooley Roofing today (336) 766-6488 or fill out our contact form.

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