As the summer heats up, our electric bills go up too. There are things you can do that will help improve your home’s energy efficiency. Some you can do yourself, others you may want to contact a contractor to perform. Here are some things to check and do around your home to improve its energy efficiency.

1.     Check Your Windows

If you walk by your windows and feel the heat coming in, you have one of two problems. Either you need to reseal the caulk around the windows or you need energy efficient replacement windows. If you can see that your window caulk is cracked or even missing, take care of that as soon as possible. When the problem is old, drafty windows, call a local window company and ask about their energy efficient replacement windows. New windows have less heat transference, Low-E glass and fewer drafts than older windows, all of which can lead to a more energy efficient home.

2.     Check Your Attic

No one wants to head to their attic on a hot summer day, but if you haven’t been in there recently, now is the time. While you’re there, look up and see if you notice any light coming in through the roof. If so, chances are good you have a roof leak and need to call a roofing company. If your roof looks good from the attic, look down. How does your insulation look? Any insulation that appears to have been wet or is compressed, is no longer insulating your home. Don’t think of attic insulation as something that only keeps the heat in your home, it also keeps the cool air in your home. Make sure you have the recommended amount of insulation based on today’s standards.

3.     Check Your Home’s Exterior

There are many things that can lead to a less than energy efficient home that you’ll notice on the outside in addition to your windows. Your siding is certainly one. Poorly attached, cracked or missing siding lowers the home’s energy efficiency by making your home more drafty and potentially allowing for water damage to your home’s insulation.

Next look up at your roof, just like your siding, missing shingles or shingles that have lost their granules can’t protect your home. If you believe its time for a roof replacement, ask your roofing company about cool roofing technology and you could see up to a 40% reduction in cooling costs with a cool roof.

Last, check your doors. Make sure they close tightly and sit properly in the frame. Look closely at the weather stripping. If your weather stripping isn’t holding the door tightly closed, you can easily replace that with new weather stripping from your local home improvement store.

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